Who We Are

UNISALVER; was established in Turkey and Ukraine with the aim of increasing quality and efficiency in the agricultural sector. With our seventeen years of Research&Development experience, we produce organic agricultural products by using enzyme technology at the highest level. The know-how and all legal rights of the advanced technologies we use belong to our company. Our company continues to expand its product range in line with the needs and expectations of the manufacturer, aiming to be beneficial to people and nature.

Our market area consists of Central Asian and European countries. At the same time, we continue to expand our sales area with our distributorships. In addition to production, we always continue to support our manufacturers before and after sales with our professional teams. We attach importance to the continuity of our communication with our customers. We know that we can ensure this continuity by sticking to our business approach that we have shaped with reliability and innovation. We are proud to serve our producers with all our strength in order to bring sustainable values ​​to the agricultural sector. We continue to work day and night to regenerate and fertile the lands of our country.