Liquid Fertilizer for Tuberous Plants
14 February 2022

Tuberous plants are plants that store nutrients in their roots. Tuberous plants have enlarged underground stems. These are plants such as potatoes, onions, garlic, radishes, yams, sugar beets, and celery.

Liquid fertilizer for tuberous plants greatly affects the development of the crop. A healthy plant formation takes place, which is at the same time highly productive from the soil.

What is the Effect of Liquid Fertilizer for Tuberous Plants?

Liquid fertilizer for tuberous plants is available with many effects.

It supports cell wall formation, cell growth and also protein synthesis. As the plants grow, leaf formation occurs smoothly.

It encourages root development and accordingly, tuberous plants are formed earlier.

Early germination can be seen.

Root rot may occur as most of the tuberous plants are underground. But liquid fertilizer is also effective against root rot.

The starch ratio in the product increases. Efficiency increases.

The product is protected against fungal diseases and many plant diseases with liquid fertilizer.

The intake of nutrients is important for the freshness, flavor and smell of the plant. Along with liquid fertilizers, their increase is also available.

What Happens If Liquid Fertilizer Is Not Given To Tuberous Plants?

When liquid fertilizer is not applied to tuberous plants; growth rate decreases.

The length of the plant remains short.

Leaves cannot develop regularly. Often it is possible to have thickness or brittleness.

Core caries occurs.

Spotting occurs on the tubers. These stains pose a health risk. Leaf petioles may die off.

What is the Importance of Liquid Fertilizer in Plants?

Liquid fertilizer is preferred for earlier development of plants compared to solid fertilizers. Liquid fertilizer can be used in many plant cultivations together with tuberous plants.

Liquid fertilizer for tuberous plants can be in different forms depending on the structure and size of the plant.

You can find detailed information on our website It is also possible to get price information from the necessary communication channels. Correct fertilization is recommended so that the effort you put into your plants will return to you in the same way.

How to Apply Liquid Fertilizer to Tuberous Plants?

Liquid fertilizer for tuberous plants can be applied with different techniques.

There are liquid fertilizer tanks. When you add fertilizer to it, it is sprayed so that the plants benefit from the fertilizer.

Preferably, if you are using the drip method, you can add liquid fertilizer to the contents of the drip method. Your plant meets both its water needs and nutrient needs from irrigation water. This is important for the growth, development and health of the plant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is liquid fertilizer used on each tuberous plant?

You can use the right amount of liquid fertilizer on each tuberous plant. It does not pose any risk to the product here.

When is the right timing when using liquid fertilizer on tuberous plants?

When using liquid fertilizer on tuberous plants, you can apply without experiencing the seasonal transition after planting time. Here, the timing changes according to the plant.

What level of liquid fertilizer should be used in tuberous plants?

Liquid fertilizer should be used adequately in tuberous plants. It is important not to overdo it. However, it is not recommended to use it incompletely.