Which Liquid Fertilizer Should Be Used for Fruit Trees?
14 February 2022

The use of liquid fertilizer in the cultivation of fruit trees helps the products obtained from the trees to be of high quality. If the right liquid fertilizer is not used in fruit trees, the expectation is not met at the desired level. So, which liquid fertilizer should be used for fruit trees?

What is the Effect of Uni-Calomin on Fruit Trees?

Uni-Calomin provides the calcium needs of plants. Coloring of plants helps in healthy and proper development. It plays a major role in the protein formation of plants and the transport of carbohydrates.

For those who say which liquid fertilizer should be used in fruit trees, it is a product that is valid for all fruit trees. You can use it on peach, apricot, cherry, plum, pistachio, banana, fig, avocado, kiwi or many similar trees.

Application period;

Starting during the fruit setting and fruit growth period of the fruit trees, 3 or 4 applications once a month are sufficient for the development of the tree.

When you want to apply from the soil, 3 liters is recommended.

However, in foliar application, 300 milliliters is sufficient for 100 liters of water.

What is Uni-Natura and what does it do?

Which liquid fertilizer should be used on fruit trees? Uni-Natura is among the organomineral liquid fertilizers that should be used on fruit trees. It is a product supported by special technological formulas.

When used as a regulating mineral, it helps to carry water for the plant during drought periods. It activates many enzymes.

It makes your fruit trees resistant to cold. Fruit trees are protected during the very cold winter months. Frostbite or similar undesirable problems do not occur in fruits.

It is a product that is valid for all fruit trees and there is no limitation.

What is the application period?

From the fruit growth period, it should be done once a month for a total of 3 applications.

When you want to apply it from the soil, 3 liters per decare is ideal for your fruit trees.

However, for those who want to apply on leaves, it is recommended to add 300 milliliters to 100 liters of water. External use is not recommended.

Is Uni-Super Fe Used in Fruit Trees?

Uni-Super Fe trace element added organomineral liquid fertilizer can be used in fruit trees.

The brightness of the fruit

It has many functions such as the growth of the fruit.

When it is not used, the iron rate in the fruit decreases. This causes the fruit to develop slowly.

It is a product that is valid for all fruit trees!

Application period;

It is recommended to be used 15 or 20 days before flowering, during fruit growth and flower petal shedding periods.

For the application from the soil, in other words, for the drip irrigation method, 2 liters per decare,

But when you apply by spraying from leaves, 100 milliliters per 100 liters of water would be ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Uni-Calomin liquid fertilizer protect the fruit tree against diseases?

Uni-Calomin is effective in toxic substances in wood. It definitely has a protective feature against unwanted diseases.

What happens if Uni-Natura is not used on fruit trees?

If Uni-Natura is not used on fruit trees, potassium deficiency may occur in the plant. It is possible to see a regression in growth.

How much does Uni-Super Fe affect the iron uptake of the fruit tree?

Uni-Super Fe increases iron intake by 60%.