Which Products Should I Choose to Preserve Nutrients?
14 February 2022

You can apply with various products to preserve the nutrients grown in the agricultural sector. When the products used here are organic and of high quality, the plant shows good growth and undesirable problems are not seen. So, which products should I choose to preserve nutrients?

Why should plants be protected in food cultivation?

When plants are protected in food cultivation it plays a major role in healthy and natural food consumption. The tolerance of plants to soil diseases increases. You can grow fresh and delicious organic products.

What products should I choose to preserve nutrients? To preserve nutrients, you should choose organic and natural products.

Organic and natural products help your plants to be resistant from the moment of planting to consumption.

It allows you to get productive and abundant crops.

Uni Balancer

Uni-Balancer is a product that should be given during vegetative periods to meet the phosphorus needs of plants. It helps in rooting, rapid growth and meeting high energy needs in plants. It provides rooting, accelerates maturation.

If you wonder which products to choose to preserve nutrients, it may be your priority. When not used, the development of the plant remains incomplete.

It regulates the water intake of plant roots. In this way, the plant can take water in the desired direction during irrigation.

It increases the resistance of the plant against cold in seasonal transitions. In cold days, there is no factor such as rotting or freezing of the plant.

You can use it once every 15 days when using it in greenhouse and open area vegetables. Recommended before flowering, fruit setting or fruit growth periods.

Winter vegetables that can be eat with leaves, you can use it every 15-20 days when it has five or six leaves.

For tuberous plants, it is recommended to apply once every three weeks.

It can be used on any of the fruit trees. To preserve your nutrients, it should be used once a month for a total of 3 or 4 applications.


It is a product that you can use to for the magnesium need of your plants.

It is a product that can be used for greenhouse and open area vegetables, Winter vegetables that can be eat with leaves, tuberous plants, all kinds of fruit trees, industrial plants, all legumes, cereals and green areas.

What products should I choose to preserve nutrients? You can use this product containing magnesium to protect your nutrients.

In Uni-Membo deficiency; photosynthesis regresses. Plant growth decreases and at the same time, all kinds of undesirable conditions occur in the plant.

The amount of chlorophyll decreases. In order not to encounter such situations, it should be used regularly during the necessary application periods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the method of application change in products used to protect plants?

Application methods vary to protect plants. There are two different methods such as soil application or foliar application.

Is the application period important in plant protection pesticides?

The application period is important in plant protection pesticides. It is recommended to apply at the time of sowing, after sowing or in the middle of sowing. This situation also varies by month, week or day.

Can I use products that are valid for fruit trees on every fruit tree?

When you buy the products valid for fruit trees within our system, you can use them on any fruit tree. There is no difference here. With the right application, you can protect the products you will obtain from fruit trees.