Our Mission

We want to add value to the value of our land by adhering to the principles of efficiency, quality and sustainability in line with our responsibility to the environment, plants, people and soil, and by presenting our products with this awareness. In this context, we are working hard to become the guiding force in the sector in which we operate.

We aim to carry out our production activities at the desired time with minimum error. Adhering to the principles of our company, we focus on the field of activity and strive to become a leading brand with the production of the highest quality products and services. We know that we can only achieve this by fulfilling our duties towards our customers, business partners, suppliers, other stakeholders and society.

We are constantly advancing on this path we set out to protect the interests of Turkey and society and to contribute to the development of the agricultural sector. Since the day we were founded, we have been operating with the principle of raising our brand to the position of market and quality leader both in Turkey and in the world. Because we know that by doing so, we will bring a new breath to the sector with our qualified services.

Our Vision

We want to be the address of trust, development and quality in organic fertilizer production in this way, which we set out with the principle of presenting our products and services to our farmers as they can get the highest efficiency. For this reason, we support conscious production in the agricultural sector and aim to do the best. We follow the developments in our sector and integrate them with our work. We aim to serve with a customer-oriented approach and deliver our quality products to our farmers at the most affordable cost. We attach importance to the continuity of our relations with our customers. We know that this continuity will be possible by sticking to our business understanding that we have shaped with reliability, innovation and entrepreneurship. We attach importance to meeting the expectations of our customers by successfully managing our procurement processes. We are excited to bring sustainable values ​​to the agricultural sector and to touch the lives of our farmers and our people. We adopt as a principle to make our brand unrivaled in its field by integrating our corporate identity and moral values, to increase our market share in a dynamic corporate structure, and to continuously improve ourselves by enlarging our targets. For this, we give importance to increase the knowledge and skills of our personnel with training programs and spread the awareness of quality. We believe that supporting agricultural production is possible by adopting a sustainable growth approach, science and an environmentalist understanding. We promise to add value wherever our service reaches. Because our principle is to fulfill our responsibilities towards society in the most correct way, by thinking "human first".

Our Quality Policy

Unisalver Organomineral Liquid Fertilizer Products; provides services in the field of fertilizer production, storage, packaging and sales by adhering to its core values.

Unisalver, which takes it as a duty to provide the best quality products with the best price guarantee, has adopted the following quality policy:

  • We attach importance to teamwork and aim to increase the quality level day by day. With this, we aim to enable our employees to use their talents effectively.
  • We provide the necessary training and support by aiming to increase quality awareness in all our works.
  • We act with the understanding of meeting the expectations and needs of our customers in both national and international standards.
  • It adopts the principle of being respectful and beneficial to the society we live in; we are working to contribute to the country's economy by increasing our business volume.
  • Our quality policy is to produce the most economical, most appropriate and most accurate solutions in the fastest way and to prevent possible problems.
  • To comply with customer requests and legal regulations; we are committed to protecting cultural, social and ethical values.
  • We adopt as a principle to maximize efficiency in all our business processes with continuous improvement approaches, thus becoming an institution that has reached the level of international competition.
  • We strive to apply our principles and values ​​to our behavior and continue to create different values ​​for our customers.
  • We strive to maintain our quality management system and products, and to continue to be a sought-after company.
  • We operate in order to use minimum resources to achieve maximum efficiency, to increase our performance, and not to harm the environment and human health.
  • We consider our common interests in our cooperation with our suppliers.
  • We fulfill all the conditions we have made a commitment

Unisalver Organomineral Liquid Fertilizer Products, we declare that we will act in accordance with our quality policy.