Things to Do for an Efficient Harvest
14 February 2022

Efficient harvest means the delivery of fertile, quality products from the grown plants to the consumer. When there is no productive harvest, the planting you have done will harm for you. So, what to do for efficient harvest?

What Can Be Done to Increase Efficiency in Soil?

Things to do for efficient harvest;

Crop rotation should be preferred in areas where rainfall is insufficient in order to increase productivity in the soil.

The wastes released after the harvested product should be mixed with the soil within appropriate time periods and decomposed should be carried out. Thus, organic nutrients are mixed into the soil. A clean planting area is created in the next planting.

Studies can be done to increase the organic matter of the soil. Here, it is recommended to use organic products.

SUGGESTION! Organic products aerate the soil and increase its water holding capacity. However, when planting in the soil, it increases the efficiency of the soil in its relationship with the plant. This not only increases the efficiency in the soil, but also has a serious effect on the productivity of the soil with the plant. Organic products that can be used for this are available on our page, you can visit if you want.

Correct Fertilization in Efficient Harvest

Fertilization programs should be created according to soil analysis results. Organic fertilizer should be applied to the right plants at the appropriate time and dosage.

Unnecessary use of fertilizers; adversely affect the balance of the soil. If your soil is highly productive, the fertilization you have done here is unnecessary fertilization. Therefore, soil analysis should be done beforehand. It is recommended to fertilize according to the needs of the soil.

Organic fertilizers should always be your priority!

Artificial fertilizers do not provide the desired effect when planting plants in the soil.

Organic Fertilizer for Efficient Harvest

When the plant nutrients cannot reach the plants enough, the yield decreases. Therefore, the products used for plants must be correct. You should pay attention to the details about the efficient harvest so that your products that you have grown with many efforts are not wasted. Here, organic fertilizer can be applied with different methods according to the structure of the plant.

For example, by spraying, you help the plant to take the fertilizer directly. With drip irrigation, the fertilizer reaches the root of the plant directly and has visible effects in a short time.

What to do for efficient harvest, your production activities should be done with the right timing and the right products. Here, when fertilizing with the wrong products at the wrong time, the harvest efficiency decreases.

Correct fertilization; meets the expectations at the desired level with minimum error. That's why, by visiting our website, you can learn the most accurate fertilizers for your own products with details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is timing important in crops used for efficient harvest?

Timing is absolutely essential in the organic products you use for efficient harvesting. Fertilizing at the right time contributes to the development of the product.

Does artificial fertilization for efficient harvest cause side effects on my plant?

Artificial fertilization is not recommended for efficient harvest. Artificial fertilization may pose a risk to your plant in terms of disease.

Does efficient harvesting shorten the crop yielding period of the plant?

Efficient harvesting definitely shortens the yielding period of the plant. Since the minerals taken from the root of the plant strengthen the efficiency, the products obtained from here reach the consumer in a short time.